Do Redirect Links Pass Page Authority?


Redirects can pass page authority, but the amount of authority that is passed depends on the type of redirect that is used.

301 redirects are the most effective type of redirect for passing page authority. When a 301 redirect is used, search engines will transfer almost all of the link equity from the original page to the new page. This means that the new page will inherit the backlinks, page authority, and search engine rankings of the original page.

302 redirects, on the other hand, are not as effective at passing page authority. This is because 302 redirects are intended for temporary redirects and do not indicate a permanent move to a new URL. As a result, search engines may not transfer as much link equity from the original page to the new page when a 302 redirect is used.

Overall, it is important to use the correct type of redirect when redirecting a URL to ensure that the new page inherits as much page authority as possible. Using 301 redirects is generally the best option for preserving page authority and maintaining search engine rankings.