How do you check if a URL is redirected?


To check if a URL is redirected, you can use tools like cURL or follow these steps:


1. Using cURL:

  •    Open a terminal or command prompt.
  •    Type the following command:

     curl -I <your_url>

  •    Look for the "Location" header in the output. If it exists, the URL is likely redirected.


2. Using a Web Browser:

  •    Open your web browser.
  •   The own URL in the address bar and press Enter.
  •    Check the address bar for any changes in the displayed URL. If it's different, the URL may have been redirected.


3. Programmatically (e.g., in Python):

   Use the requests library:


     import requests


     url = '<your_url>'

     response = requests.head(url, allow_redirects=True)




   Compare the initial URL with the final URL. If they are different, a redirect likely occurred.


Keep in mind that some websites may use JavaScript or other methods for redirection, which might not be captured by simple methods like cURL or basic requests. In such cases, more advanced techniques or tools may be required.