Redirect Checker

Sure, I know what you're thinking: Where does this link go?
Okay, so let's test it out. Redirect Checker

Cuttly is a custom URL shortener software enabling users to shorten, track, simplify, optimize and manage their links on an integrated interface. Users can assess the performance of the redirection link through Cuttly with the capability of including tags, comments and descriptions. Cuttly offers real-time analytics for valuable parameters such as number of unique clicks, page referrer, locations, browsers, operating systems and devices for every shortened URL. While using a Cuttly short link can be used in both online and offline marketing to create a memorable link and makes it easy to track a dozen of metrics, it could bring some trouble for the user as well. It is possible for a redirect to take you from a safe webpage to a malicious app which can potentially deliver harmful malware to your PC. Link-Tracker is a free redirect mapper to check URLs for Cuttly redirects prior to clicking them and will reveal any malicious destination of a redirect path.