Redirect Checker

Sure, I know what you're thinking: Where does this link go?
Okay, so let's test it out. Redirect Checker is a URL shortener boasting improved features like geo-targeting, setting up tags, link expiration and cloaking. They provide free custom domain integrations that provide proper assessment of link success and automation of your work. With, you can analyze the performance of short URLs with in-depth statistics such as OS, location and browser information and customize short links to increase click-through rate. A brand name built by for each short link will help improve your brand recognition and trust. Link-Tracker is a free online redirect checker to see the header info and screenshot before landing to a destination page. Link-Tracker allows you to get insight on shortened links and trace requested URLs' redirect path with status code. A built-in redirection checker warns you if the destination page shows potential malicious behaviors and is not safe to browse.